Slănină (Pork fat)


If you decide to visit Romania this is something you need to taste. Slănina /slaˈnìːna/ is a traditional snack that most of the people have in the house, especially in the countryside.

Slănină (Pork fat)

What is Slănină?

It’s pork fat cut into strips, placed in brine and left to macerate 2-3 weeks. Afterwards, remove the bacon and shake the excessive salt and, if desired, rub with sweet or chili peppers or put in specially designed smokers for 2-3 days. Thereafter, the bacon is placed in specially ventilated chambers.

How we eat Slănină?

The most basic way is with bread, cheese and red onions, we also like it fried on the grill.
Slănină (Pork fat)
by danielabucatariemoldo-ardeleneasca

Slănina is a traditional dish in all of Eastern Europe, largely in Central and Northern Balkans.