The Red Lake, also known as The Killer Lake

The Red Lake – in Romanian “Lacul Rosu”, also called Gyilkos-to – “Killer Lake” -in Hungarian.

The Red Lake is the largest barrier lake, in the Eastern Carpathians chain, situated in Harghita County, Romania. The name of “Red Lake” comes from the reddish alluvia deposited in the lake by the Red Creek.

The lake was formed in 1838, after a magnitude 8 earthquake that hit the region on January 23. The earthquake caused a massive landslide that blocked part of the Bicaz Valley.

The most amazing particularities of the lake lye in the eerie reddish color of the water and also the petrified trees that are pointing out of the water.

Red Lake - Killer Lake



The legend says that the landslide that caused the formation of the lake a few centuries ago, wiped out an entire village killing everybody, people, and animals alike.  So much blood was spilled that day that the lake became Red.
Both German and Hungarian names refer to the lake as “The killer Lake” ( Mördersee  – German, Gyilkos-to – Hungarian).

Attractions – Tourism

The area has its own pleasant microclimate, really benefic for the treatment of both physical and psychic exhaustion, insomnia and neurologic issues. The therapeutic effects of the area have been noticed for quite a while and gave the area a balneotherapeutic and recreational status. The air is clean and rich in natural aerosols, picturesque views, beautiful forests and an enchanting lake, making the place perfect for those looking to relax and for a quick and natural psychic regeneration.


Red Lake - Killer Lake



Red Lake - Killer Lake