Posada Castle or the Bibescu Castle at Comarnic



Posada castle was built between 1842 si 1848 by Gheorghe Bibescu the ruler of Valachia at the time (also known as Bibescu Voda). The castle was built in the perfect scenery, straight from the fairy tales. It was meant to be a hunting manor, the like of the mountain built mansions, from wood and stone. Later on, at the beginning of the 20th century, the mansion was extended and transformed into the castle we know today.

It was a much-loved home of the Bibescu family and the place has an interesting history where love and affairs mixed and romance flourished.

During WWI, on December 25th, 1915, the castle was set on fire by the German army in an attempt to destroy the British Legislative Archives. The archive was supposedly hidden there by Lord Christopher Thomson of Cardington who was at the time Martha Bibescu’s lover. The castle was closed after the fire, and a year later, in December, the Hungarian army destroyed the Bibescu Pinacotheca (large Art Gallery) as well as Prince Bibescu’s personal painting collection.

Posada Castle

During WW2, the castle was temporarily occupied by the German army and in 1950 yet another fire destroyed a large part of the castle. Subsequently, the building was abandoned.
During the 70’s, the building entered the jurisdiction of Peles Castle and was used as a storage facility and restoration workshops.

Posada Castle

The castle is not open for visits at this moment, but the surrounding area has numerous other sights worth seeing, therefore if you are in Valea Prahovei area, take a detour to Comarnic and maybe you will be in luck to sneak a peek to the castle.

Close to the castle, you will find The Cynegetic Museum of Posada which is worth visiting especially for hunting enthusiasts.

The museum contains an amazing collection of stuffed animals and hunting weapons belonging to famous Romanian historical figures.

Address: Posada, Comarnic
Visiting hours: L-V: 9.00 – 17.00
Visiting costs: less than 1 Euro/person

Posada Castle