Pekri Castle – Ozd – Mures county Transylvania


Upon the hilltop of Ozd, you can find a rectangular castle looking down majestically to the village.

The castle has massive towers in its four corners. Built in renascence style with baroque and a few Gothic elements in the year 1682 by Pekri Lorincz, one of the rebellious (curut) general Rakoczi Francisc the 2nd.

The curut were some sort of outlaws, soldiers with different ethnic backgrounds, including Romanians. They participated in the Anti Hapsburg rebellion led by Rakoczi Francisc the 2nd between 1703-1711.

About 50 years later, the lobont have burned down the castle, leaving intact only the corner towers which at that point had only a decorative purpose.  Radak Adam, Pekri’s son-in-law, rebuilt the castle afterward. The castle used to be surrounded by forests and it was renowned for the beautiful lake and the gardens.


Pekri Castle - Ozd

The beautiful castle and amazing surroundings were an engagement gift for baroness Teleki Ilona, at the beginning of the 1900’s. The Baroness, unfortunately, left the country in 1945 due to the massive nationalization led by the communists.

During the communist era, the Pekri castle housed one by one a kindergarten, a school, cultural gathering house and a CAP headquarters. (C.A.P was during the communism the agricultural cooperative association, basically, after the communists nationalized all the land and farms including the livestock – they had the people work “for the country” in the association). The castle remained a C.A.P. headquarters until its destruction

After 1989 the castle was returned to madam Jude Mária, an heir residing in France at the moment, who has donated it to the Bonus Pastor foundation.


Nowadays the Bonus Pastor foundation intends to restore the entire palace and create a multi-functional center. The restoration is still in plan and volunteer donations and partnerships are welcome.

 Pekri Castle - Ozd
Localization: OZD village, BICHIS, Mures county Transylvania.