Citadel Valley Cave – Rasnov, Romania

Rasnov Valley Cave is a place you need to visit if you’re in the Rasnov – Brasov area. The cave is located not far from the road going up to the citadel. Just pass the parking lot and drive for another 2 km until you find the Parking lot and a well-advertised site. The entrance to the cave is up around 450 meters into the forest. It is not accessible by car, you can go by foot (which is a nice climb on catwalks and steep rocks … kids over 4y old can make it by themselves) or take the tractor. The tractor ride takes you on an alternative route, a really steep hill, it costs 5lei/person for a round-trip (about 1.2 euros).

Up on the hill, you can find the entrance to the cave and a Zipline for kids.

The entrance in the cave is done by guided tour. There is a tour every 15minutes, the guide would round everybody up and go ahead to the entrance of the cave.

The cave opened to the public is relatively small. It is a big room with spectacular stalagmites and stalactites, small chambers and a sculpted horse.

valea cetatii cave entrance rasnov

valea cetatii cave great hall


The Citadel Valley Cave in Rasnov, Romania, is located at an altitude of 790 m (at the main entrance). The cave was discovered in 1949, and it was charted in the early ’50s. In the beginning, the access to the interior could be done only on the belly, crawling for quite a significant distance, up to the main gallery (Great Hall). The cave consists of several small galleries, tunnels and a large room which is the size of half a football field and impresses tourists with existing karst formations and great acoustics.

The great acoustics of the cave is not wasted. There have often been held all sorts of concerts and musical events. Look for upcoming events and try to synchronize your trip to the cave with one of these musical events that should not be missed.

Despite its small size, it is definitely worth visiting

Small concert in the Great Hall of Citadel Valey Cave Rasnov Romania

concert valea cetatii cave

Good to know:

There are possibilities to organize a spelunking expedition with the help of local spelunking guides. This will grant access to hidden areas of the cave …this tour is rather difficult and it is done with proper spelunking equipment.